Ein Ghein Story "Trendy Kids Apparel That Speaks to Our Arab Roots & Heritage"

Ein Ghein’s story began with a mama's dream, the founder Dima Bashir Al Azem, mother of 3 kids, who has forever loved her Arabic mother tongue and has always felt it wasn’t quite a part of her kids – and other kids - everyday lives. One aspect where she longed to see Arabic was kids every day wear and “cool” apparel. That's when she wanted to create something unique; clothes that were contemporary and comfortable with a touch of Arabic charm and crafted with respect for our planet!

Dima collaborated with talented designers worldwide to craft fun styles for kids of all ages, from tiny tots to teenagers. Utilizing eco-friendly fabrics such as Egyptian natural cotton and Indian organic cotton, these clothes are gentle on both our children and our planet Earth. The designs showcase beautiful Arabic writing, ranging from classic sayings in various dialects to playful phrases from beloved songs, celebrating the diverse cultures of the Arab world. The goal is for both kids and parents to cherish these clothes, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for the connection they foster to the rich tapestry of Arabic language and culture.

Ein Ghein is your homegrown hero, a local voice with a global perspective. We get the itch for stylish threads that reflect our identity. That's why we crafted distinct, high-fashion pieces that stitch Arabic culture, heritage, and even epic love stories into every design. We strive to see a generation of fearless trendsetters rocking clothes that tell their unique stories. 

Ein Ghein is your cultural champion, offering specially designed products that resonate deeply because they're made for you.