Ein Ghein's new collection celebrates childhood with a twist! We handpicked a team of four international designers from Italy, Tunisia, Britain, and Portugal. Each renowned for her unique style. Inspired by global energy and artistic spirit, together they've crafted a collection that captures the essence of "true Arabic identity" in children's apparel, going beyond trends to celebrate heritage.

from Italy

Elena Pecchi 

Childhood joy fuels Elena's designs,
sparking fun in every stitch and piece. From her point of view, Ein Ghein's owner's passion was infectious, making it a rewarding project. On top of all, the diverse career moves honed her skills and shaped her journey, emphasizing quality, cultural sensitivity, and trend awareness.

from Britain & Greece

Eirini Scott

Eirini prioritizes both comfort and exploration in her designs, using eco-friendly materials to keep kids and the planet safe and happy. The Ein Ghein project held a special place in her heart. It allowed her the creative freedom to explore the beauty of the Arabic language, while her extensive, two-decade career in kids wear has equipped her with the skills to create high-quality, long-lasting, and beautiful clothing.

 from Portugal

Sofia Agrela

Sofia's designs seamlessly blend style, sustainability, and functionality. The Ein Ghein project offered a unique challenge: pushing creative boundaries while collaborating across vast distances. This experience, alongside the milestone of launching her own successful baby brand, has significantly shaped Sofia's design approach.

from Tunisia

Yasmine Gharbi

Yasmine's clothing lines are a blend of comfort, functionality, and creativity for children, inspired by their imagination and fuelled by playful elements. The Ein Ghein project resonated with her because it blended her Arab heritage with sustainable fashion in a creative and meaningful way. International recognition and collaborations were major milestones in her design journey, ultimately leading her to launch her own luxury brand.

With this symphony of creative minds, Ein Ghein promises an authentic collection that celebrates Arabic childhood wonder while staying fashion-forward and protective to planet earth.